The First ICT Conference In Somaliland Well Done


this very first time ICT conference in Somaliland was indeed very well coordinated and managed conference that I have ever seen during my time in Somaliland for presenting scientific results related to innovative fundamental and applied research in ICT.

This was a cracking and an outstanding example of Somaliland government leadership in harnessing our own imaginations. Previously, if I am not mistaken, all such big group discussions or conferences were arranged or set by international NGOs.
The group discussion also brought all providers Telesom, Somtel and Somcable and other small providers together where each provider had the opportunity to introduce their company history and achievements, etc.
All three big providers confirmed in one manner or the other that they necessities or need to come closer as well as working together.
At the conference, there was besides a discussion panel between the providers where the participants had the chance to ask questions to the people who were representing the providers
As this was the first conference of its kind in Somaliland, we all hope that more conference of this kind follows soon.
All Somaliland people, or clients will wish to see more conference like this to happen so that providers can negotiate how easy and beneficial to all of them to reach a settlement for interconnection agreement which will undoubtedly will benefit all providers as well as enabling people or customers to talk to each other meaning that Somtel can call Telesom.
This conference brought together academics as well as industrial practitioners who shared their most recent research, pragmatic solutions, experiences and discussed the trends, opportunities and challenges in the field of IC to the participants. The full conference video will be coming soon
We did put forth the possibility of conferring or holding this group, discussions many months ago with the some of the organizers of the conference including Ismail Hasan Yusuf.
My advice is that all important events like this one should be held like this and without external ‘international support’.
Thank you the honorable Ministers of Finance and Minister of Communications and their staff, especially the organizers who were brilliant as well as very professional.
Thank you all very much
Ahmedyasin Mohamed Jama