An open letter to the International community…By-Mohammed Yousuf.


Since the collapse of the central government of dictatorSiyaadBarre in 1990 the Somali Republic has diminished to lawlessness and chaos.

The country broke down to its founding constituents of Former British Somaliland and Italian trust treaty of Somalia.

The two parts upon split formed contrasting extremes that could be noticed from daily news feeds which showcase one as a beacon of peace and stability and the other as the best example of a failed state and the constant tone of the Stalin Organ (PM) which never calmed down for the last 30 years.

So many administration names each took their toll on the poor population starting from the Manifesto ,Aideed ,Ali Mahdi, the ittihad, the Islamic Courts,AlShabab, the transitional Government and the current Federal Government.

Tens of reconciliation meetings took place outside the country from Doofaarey through Arta,Debre Zeit and others. Billions of Dollars had been spent with no visible outcome other than corrupt government officials and International and local NGOs and UN officials taking turns in getting fat from embezzling funds meant for alleviating hardship from the poor citizen.

The theme of all the international interventions had been the establishment of the rule of law and nurturing democracy.

Thirty years on, the two parts each present its reality in front of the International observer so clear for all to see.One part has belt its governance from day one and set up a system that satisfies iternationalstandards, national cultural and religious rulings. It started from one man one vote for local municipal councils,a bicameral parliament and a president. Five elections witnessed by International Institutions have taken place.

The other part has failed thirty years later to even conduct a democratic system of electing who represents who?

There are two levels of parliament both handpicked by the head of state who himself is not elected by the public. Democracy is that each village, town , city , district or region should elect who represents them in a common government .The question for the international community is- Somaliland has made its selection of who represents them and they are in Hargeisa, the system in Mogadisho has handpicked some individuals from there and called them the representatives of Somaliland .These people haven,t set foot on Somaliland for the last thirty years let alone being elected.Is it difficult for the international community to admit that Somaliland is not represented in the system in Mogadisho and those who claim so must be shown the red card for misrepresentation? Or is international community shooting itself on thefoot claiming building democracy and governance and again compromising the very essentials of a democratic system.

Their predicament is that at the one hand they claim they promote democracy and on the other hand they support the idea that Somaliland is part of the federal system in mogadisho and they are  represented by mercenaries not of their choice.


W/Q:-Mohammed Yousuf.