Justice for Ceelaabe…..Wrote By Ali Guban.


Horrifying: The body Mukhtar Ceelaabe, from Gabiley county, was left to rot on the dusty grounds of Burco General Hospital, for 72 hours after the hospital staff removed his remains from the freezer.

During the first week of the holy of Ramadan, the family and relatives of Mukhtar M. Ceelaabe from Gabiley county, were devastated, after they learned that his remains was left to rot for 72 hours on the dirty grounds of Burco General Hospital. The body Mukhtar Ceelaabe was found at a pond of outskirts of the dusty town of Burao.According to the relatives, they have paid $900 to keep his remains in the hospital freezer, for investigation the cause of his death. But they’re alleging his remains was left to decompose for 72 hours because hospital staff removed his corpse from the freezer and replaced it with another dead body.

This gross abuse of a corpse from hospital staff demands full reviews Ministry of Health procedures from affected family and the relatives. This lapse is un- islamic, and is shocking and completely unacceptable. The family and relatives should not face this type of indignity.

Ministry of Health, the management of the Burco General Hospital must own this blunder, they should apologize to family and relatives of Ceelaabe and should discipline, fire ,or should bring justice those responsible for this criminal conduct.

Gubanmedia is demanding justice for Ceelaabe. We are asking the District Attorney of Burco to open investigation on how Burco General Hospital handled the body of Ceelaabe, and how the unprofessional local police conducted the investigation the cause of the death of Ceelaabe. The family and relatives of Ceelaabe deserve to know the facts surrounding about his death.

The conduct of the staff of the government run Burco General Hospital and Burco police over the death of Ceelaab must be scrutinize.The grieving Ceelaabe’s family and relatives are demanding to know who left the body of their loved one’s to decompose for 72 hours on the dusty grounds of Burco General Hospital, and the reasons.

As Dahir Good , the uncle of Ceelaabe, said in Burao, “ We’re asking Somaliland government to hold accountable the management and the staff of Burco General Hospital for letting the body of Ceelaabe to rot on the ground of the hospital.” There can be no excuse for this type of negligence—-which amounts to a blatant criminal act.

Stay Safe.

Ali- Guban