President Muse Bihi Abdi vs Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo: The Glaring Contrast Between The Two Presidents In Leadership, Sense Of Responsibility And Statesmanship Attribute!.. By; Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr):


“Djibouti Consultation Summit: President MBA and his delegation have manifested political maturity, courage and exceptional sense of historical context!”

President Muse Bihi Abdi and his delegation joined Djibouti’s Consultation Summit with a brave heart, unbroken sprit and rock-solid self-confidence!! They have manifested highly seasoned political maturity, decisiveness, courage and confidence. Once again, this was an undeniable proof of the naturally born intellect, mental power, stamina and exceptional sense of historical context of President MBA and his delegation at the DJIB Summit.

During Djibouti’s Mediation Summit the international community has witnessed the drastic difference between the two negotiating countries Somaliland vs Somalia (in both style and substance) and the way in which each one of them have presented and defended their case in cause.

The glaring contrast between the Presidents of Somaliland and Somalia; in leadership, sense of responsibility and statesmanship attribute, couldn’t have been clearer than during Djibouti’s hugely represented mediation meeting. The Djibouti Summit has incredibly exposed Mr. Farmajo’s lack of diplomatic vision and political acumen in relation with understanding of continental and international diplomacy. What clearly has emerged throughout the Djibouti discussion was Mr. Farmajo’s indifferent attitude, weak verbal ability, lack of conviction and sense of responsibility.

The Djibouti Summit was like a drama role play competition where the one party have cleverly learned and rehearsed their play script and knew what they were talking about, while the other party was having a fun and barely learned their script then recklessly rushed unprepared to the stage. As a result, the latter was BOOED by the audience!

At the Summit, Mr. Farmajo appeared as a man detached from the sense of reality. A man who is not sensitive to his people’s suffering and more than three decades ongoing national misery with no end is in sight. Mr. Farmajo seems a man who is responsible for little, threatened and manipulated by many, both internally and externally.

From the outset of the Summit, Mr. Farmajo and members of his beleaguered administration have immediately activated the envy and hide and seek mode. Instead of being very serious about the essence and scope of mediation talks between the two countries, they have deliberately chosen to make the summit fail by thwarting that any meaningful progress can be made. Frustrating and spoiling the summit was a pre-calculated strategy of Mr. Farmajo and his team since this was the only stake they had to bring in at the summit.


The hasty and ill-considered union with Somalia-Italiano goes in the history as the prime source from which all Somali tragedy came up! The people of Somaliland are well aware of this historic blunder, and in fact this is the clear-cut REASON WHY the people of Somaliland will not, cannot and must not make another historic and costly mistake. If the people of Somaliland could turn back the history, millions of Somalilanders would have wished today that the disastrous union should have never come into being!!!

The people of Somaliland have tested the real benefits and values of the independence, freedom and democracy. Somalilanders will never fall again into another trap of their own making by sacrificing the costly freedom, independence and sovereignty which our people have reclaimed for the sake of an unproductive and problematic concept of the Greater Somalia.

It is our people’s challenge to achieve their self-determination by the unyielding nature and incredible perseverance of the Somaliland nation. It is our people’s challenge to realise their ultimate independence goals by the force and wisdom of our curious situation and angle. From our naturally born entrepreneurial art to business, the resilience and creativity of Somaliland people, that will help us to overcome the challenges of today as well as for tomorrow.

The bottom line is: The President of Somalia and his government should be very realistic and must accept the inevitable and irreversible reality on the ground: Somaliland’s Independence, Sovereignty and Statehood are sacred and non-negotiable. The history shall not repeat by itself! The fate of the union is sealed off for good and forever!

ALLAH bless and protect the people and country of the Republic of Somaliland,


Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr)